Rigid plastic package

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«ECOPET» company produces and realizes
a rigid plastic package – containers and moldings
of the film PET of its own production.

«The traditional types of package have a great influence on the development of more advanced materials, in particular, of a rigid plastic package. The pressure of the society obliges the owners of the brand and the retailers to reduce the impact of the package on the environment. In response to this, the packing companies reduce the weight and use the materials that either decompose in the environment or are produced of stable resources which are subject to later recycling ».

This is a data of the latest investigations that confirms that a rigid plastic package is demanded more than other traditional types of package owing to the combination of qualities, including light weight, prime cost, flexion of design and simplicity of recycling.
Our company produces and realizes a rigid plastic package – containers and moldings of the film PET of its own production.

The own production of the film allows to offer the partners profitable prices, to guarantee a high efficiency of deliveries and reactions on wishes of a customer.

The activity of «ECOPET» is an opportunity of elaboration and production of a package, including all the stages – from a design to a finished product. The proper workshop on the production of dies and tooling gives an opportunity to produce the things even of very complicated shape according to a personal order of a client.

The distinctive features of our package of PET:

The use of package of PET is also a significant step in supporting the ecology and the environment.

Effective protection from the effects of environmental factors (moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.);

Resistance (compared to PS and PVC) to chemical compounds such as acids, including oxygenated, organic solvents and fats. The package of the film PET doesn’t become fragile and doesn’t crack when frozen.

Our package is used:

In the food industry: package for candy, rolls, cakes, cookies, fruit candy, nuts and dried fruit, Oriental sweets, also for salads, meat and fish products, dairy products, etc.

In the pharmaceutical industry: the package for ampoules, medical tools, devices, etc.

In the production of small industrial products: boxes for nails, nuts, screws, etc.

We produce the following types of package:

  • a variety of moldings (including for candy, etc.);
  • package for cakes, pastries, etc.;
  • package for pies;
  • a variety of trays for food products;
  • containers for eggs;
  • package for the dairy industry;
  • blister package;
  • auxiliary package materials (covers, etc.);
  • containers for eggs..

The company also produces the film PET, laminated by PE (polyethylene). The laminated films are aimed to produce a rigid plastic package for dairy, meat and other products with high barrier qualities (gas tightness, steam tightness, etc).

The films can be produced with Peel effect, with EVOH and also with Anti – Fog.



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